Heart Hurts / MAPP GPS Week 6

I guess it’s been a few weeks since I updated. After week 5, we had a class cancelled and then week 6 was held last Tuesday. Tonight we had class too but that was also cancelled so it looks like the process will be extended a bit.

Week 6 we learned about Birth Family Connections and partnership relationships. It was a good class. Everyone also got a checklist of things that still needed to be completed for their individual family files. We have completed everything as of today, except for the rest of the training class.

We had our safety inspection and the safety part of the inspection went well. We were already prepared for what they’d look for since we downloaded the form months ago. We had already child proofed everything except 2 cabinets. We are waiting for Amazon to deliver those locks so we can put the last of the touches on the child proofing.

We learned some things during the visit that we just hadn’t been prepared for. The little girl we are trying to adopt thru foster care currently cannot walk or talk. They do not know her long term prognosis and the safety inspector eluded to the fact that we may need to have handicap ramps put in before that can happen. While that may not seem like something that would be out of the realm of possibility, he also eluded that we’d need a wheelchair accessible vehicle too. He also said he wasn’t 100% positive. That sort of left my heart with an ache. I guess it just wasn’t anything we thought would be an issue as of right now. He also said something about how only one child can go in the bedroom, and that David’s current eBay office would have to become a playroom at some point when the child gets older. I was really confused by that since I never read about / or heard of this being a mandate (and I GOOGLE EVERYTHING)! So that was how he left it, our heads a little spinning, our hearts a little crushed.

That’s pretty much the end of the MAPP update. Other than that, there’s been a lot of personal things going on with us. We’ve always been open hearted people; trying to help others. We’ve recently have been trying to open ourselves more to outside friendships with other people. Sometimes I guess you will just find some people who are just takers. They just want to take what they can and be nice to your face. They tell you things you want to hear and then turn on a dime. It’s kind of sad because it really is adult bullying. It’s just not cool to stomp on people’s emotions and hearts; to name call; to use and abuse; and pretend like you’re one way but back stab everyone around you. It was really hard to have that happen to us and some other people that we really care about.

It’s been a really tumultuous few weeks but we are moving forward. We have found some really great friends along the way and are so thankful to God for them.

Time Will Heal
New Memories Being made
Step out in Faith
Don’t be afraid

Some people will hurt you
And some people will love
Stick close to those people
Thanking the Lord above

Live each day
Love others with your whole heart
Don’t let a small few ruin you
Be better than that

You will get hurt
That’s a given, in this life
So when you’re stabbed in the back
Lean back and remove the knife

Don’t let bad experiences win
And I am hear to tell
That when things feel unending…
All will be Well

That’s the update of the week!


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