Possible Drug Overdose / MAPP GPS Week 5



We had our MAPP Week 5 meeting last night. We had to go in a half hour early to meet with one of the workers. They had some additional questions for David and also for both of us, regarding our church.

The questions for David were easy and basic, the question about our church I hadn’t seen coming. I still don’t know if she meant specific to my church that I go to, or the denomination in general, either way the conversation happened.

Since I can never get it right word for word… it was basically a conversation that went a little something like this… So I know in your church that they are against same sex couples, so if a child were placed in your home that had such a sexual preference, how would your church treat them….

< insert mouth drop for most people >

First, I told her about how we are talking about #chooseAbnormal in our current series. I talked about how we are supposed to be different than what consider the norm and to be loving Christian people, the hands and feet of Jesus on Earth. We are to serve, use our talents, help others. I also told her that I had never personally encountered anyone rejecting someone for their sexual preference. I had seen and know of people in church that aren’t heterosexual, and haven’t seen them shunned out the door. I further talked about how Jesus is the ultimate judge and not people. I feel the conversation went well in the end. Hopefully I handled that part right.

The meeting itself was about Managing Children’s Behaviors. Specifically, it was about corporal punishment and how the agency’s policy is to not use it, and then 15 alternatives to it. We had to write 3 behaviors, one on each sticky note and then do 3 sets of them, that would be hard for us if a child were to use the behavior, and then put the pieces of paper on the 3 different disciplines you could use for that behavior. It seemed that the top 2 were be a Role Model for what good behavior looks like and Time Out. It was a good activity. We also discussed each individuals form of discipline from their own parents growing up, and talked about how abuse cases are reported to Children’s Protective services.

AND THEN… After the meeting, about 8:30 pm we were driving home. We were on Harlem Road at that time, in Cheektowaga. As we drove, I noticed a guy walking down the sidewalk on the opposite side of the road. He fell over into the street and smashed his head into the pavement. I immediately turned into the parking lot within seconds of it happening and ran to be by his side. I really couldn’t believe the car I saw right after the guy fell… he just drove around him as he lay in the street bleeding, and kept on going. That made me so angry (after the fact!) There wasn’t much time to think as it happened. I ran out of the car, he was having a seizure and convulsing at that time. He had blood all over his head, face, arms, and the street. He was taking the blood in through his nose and mouth so gently his head was turned out of it. I was rubbing his back and he was starting to come to. I was telling him he had fallen and help was on the way, he was going to be okay. A crowd gathered and everyone was just calling 911. He was wearing a backpack and I undid a strap to get it off his back, at that point, he really came to! He yelled ‘no’ and started to get up. He couldn’t hear at that point, he was just out of there. EMS, fire, police came and caught up with him at the next block to treat him. I asked the people around me to just pray for him tonight. I could tell he was most likely on some kind of drug. I didn’t sleep much last night, FitBit says I did over 200 steps, David said I was up alot. I called the police somewhere in the night. They said he was okay, he was treated and was in holding.

It was a pretty scary experience. Scenes like that are one of my triggers. I had known it when I pulled over, but he was more important at that second than anything I had gone thru or any potential nightmare or sleepless night that might come from me seeing all of this. No matter what the kid was on or not on, I just had to be there to comfort to make sure he was okay and to have him know he wasn’t alone, even if he never heard. I’m not sure.

I was sad by the person that just drove around him like he didn’t exist. I was sad that some of the people that stopped were just commenting about how he was a druggie, I just wanted them to be compassionate, to have compassion.

I’m glad that he is okay and hopefully if it was drugs, it was a wake up call for him.

And oh yeah…. only 4 more MAPP Meetings (since 8&9 will be combined)

Wishing everyone a great week ❤


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