1st Home Study Visit

I’ve been pretty busy lately and didn’t update on the Week 4 Mapp / GPS class. It was Helping Children With Attachments. It was about working with organizations like social services, with the birth parents, and open lines of communications between all. We did a yarning activity where 3 volunteers (myself, David, and someone else from class) held a piece of continuous yarn. It was a helpful visiual of how attachments are formed and how those bonds can break down if you don’t work with each other.

We had our first home study visit on Friday. We’d already done most of the child proofing so there wasn’t an issue there. They arrived and first asked for a tour of the house, which we gave. They were impressed with our space and also said we shouldn’t have any problem passing the fire safety inspection when it came time for that.

We then sat down around the kitchen table, at this point, they pull out your file folder and talk about how Mapp class is going. They did say that they can actually tell we do the homework aka “roadwork” and that we read and understand the material. There were 2 workers at the home study, one I knew from the training, and one I had never met. They flipped through our application, roadwork from previous weeks, and any other questions they had along the way. Most of it was clarification, of this and that, nothing really major.

They did ask me to talk about some very abusive and horrific events of my past, in detail, and I did. All in all, the visit went well. I really don’t mind talking about my past, but detailing it will normally lead me to a nightmare. I ultimately did not have one, but I had a good cry or two later in the day.

It’s like this… I’ve never felt myself a victim because I was proactive enough to get myself help when I knew what he did was too much for me to have in my head and deal with alone. I’ve never hated him, and I forgave him a long time ago. I just wish sometimes that my past could stay just that, my past. It is what it is I guess, and I made it through the conversation.

Next week is our 5th meeting, but we are already half way through the training. They’ve combined classes 8 & 9 into one day since the content is less than the other meetings.

I guess that’s the update for now. All is well here.  Wishing anyone reading this a blessed day! ❤ Til next time…


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