God and Denny’s Restaurant (A God Given story)

It’s not an adoption update but it does relate to the story. I’m not always good about putting things into perspective, but my husband is great at it. We drove to our doctor’s office this morning so he could get his PPD (Tuberculosis) test, a step we need to talk during the adoption journey. He brought up Denny’s restaurant and how it ties into our adoption journey. It’s something I like to call God Given, and would like to share why…

To start the Denny’s correlation into our adoption journey, I have to take you back to June of 2010. The place was Lebanon, NH. Our son was born at 23 weeks old and lived in the NICU of Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth in Lebanon. We lived at David’s House which was a house on the hospital campus where families of patients could stay. The house was always crowded and we weren’t in a frame of mind to be social, so we used to always go up to Denny’s restaurant to eat. I can’t even tell you how many times we went there but let’s just say it was more than 30. Denny’s was our space. We could go there, eat, and talk about the tests they were doing, our son’s condition, we could cry, no one would bother us or ask what was wrong. Our son did ultimately go to live with the Lord 29 days after he was born and we eventually left the state and headed for Texas.

Texas was where my husband’s family was from and you guessed it, had a Denny’s close by to where we were living. We met a really nice lady there, and now I wish I could remember her name now… I did know it, but that memory just isn’t what it used to be! She was a waitress there and we loved to go in and sit in her section just so we could chit chat. She caught me crying in there a few times and did ask. We confided in her because she was just one of those people… the ones you could tell anything too and just know it would be okay. She shared her life too over the visits we had there. She always told us about how she adopted her children through foster care. I always had some excuse why I couldn’t do it… money was always at the top. Truthfully, looking back, I just couldn’t even go there in my mind at that time. The pain was still too fresh from losing our son, and then a miscarriage had just left me too fragile to open that door. She was always understanding of my responses but it was always great to hear about her children and the experiences she had.

Fast forward to the present, you guessed it, Denny’s! Tomorrow will be 4 weeks into our MAPP / GPS training to adopt and foster. Before each meeting, we have a dinner date at Denny’s (and this one came highly recommended by my very talented and sweet friend, Mama G!)  My husband and I have our dinner date before class and last week, as we were paying, the same waitress we had before asked us what class we are taking. We told her what it was and she was also thinking about fostering. We gave her the number of the organization we are going through. As we walked out, we heard her talking to a co-worker about it and the co-worker asked her for the information.

It’s crazy to think back about all these experiences and how they all led us to a Denny’s in upstate New York and the journey we are on. Such experiences can only be…

God Given! ❤




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