MAPP / GPS Training Week 2

So last night we had our week 2 training class, 3 hours. This time was a bit more interactive. We did this ‘sculpting’ activity. We were each assigned a role, I was Lillie, a teenager. David was Rosie, my 2 year old sister. It was interesting. It told the story of how a seemingly regular family could end up in trouble through a series of unforeseen events, and end up having their children placed in foster care. It told the story of Lillie acting out in foster care, a revelation of her past that was unknown, and then Lillie and Rosie being placed in a secondary foster home. It was eye opening. All in all, it was a very informative class once again.

We left with more “roadwork”, which is homework. I finished my physical and PPD test and David has his next week. We are checking off things on the list a little more day by day. The worker will be calling this week to schedule the 1st of the home visits.

Walking into the unknown is exciting and intimidating all at the same time. You know, the journey makes me think… hindsight, I guess. I remember losing our son in 2010. I remember the term “Beauty for Ashes”, I really thought that meant we’d get pregnant again and have a child again… it doesn’t always mean it the way you think it will 🙂 Isn’t God an amazing God? With perfect timing.

I hope that whoever is reading this, is enjoying our journey! 🙂 Thanks for walking with us!



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