MAPP / GPS II Training, Week 1

We had our first MAPP class last night!  MAPP stands for Model Approach to Partnership in Parenting and GPS stands for Group Preparation and Selection Process. This was the 1st week of 10 weeks, 3 hours per night.

It’s a pretty small group consisting of 3 couples (including us), a single, and the social workers running the group.

We learned last night about different reasons children enter foster care and about their strengths and needs, in coping with the situations they came from, and came into.

It was a very enlightening meeting and very emotional. It ended with “roadwork” which is homework. There were some assessments to take home, family profiles, individual profiles, authorization forms, and forms for each person to get a physical completed by their doctors.

Basically, we spent the entire day doing paperwork / questionnaires today. It sounds like a lot but it is actually really neat too. My husband filled out his profile / questions and I did mine. We both then shared our answers by reading them aloud to each other. It was cool to hear what we answered the same on… and to talk about the ones we answered differently.

MAPP really makes you think about so many more things than you ever could have imagined! Really loving it so far, and excited to see where the process takes us…



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