God Given

I hope you don’t mind if I take a break from being completely specific about the adoption journey and branch out a little 🙂

I’ve been using the term “God Given” for a while now. It’s something I use when it is just that, God Given, no other way to explain.

One thing is that we recently moved. We had every intention of moving out of our town and into the surrounding town next January, to a place less residential, more space, more land. Instead we moved across the street. And a month ago. Completely God Given.

A neighbor moved out and the place was bigger than the one we were currently in. It happened in such a whirlwind. A phone call, two days, and we were literally moving things on our own, across the street. A bigger place with more room for the family member we have not met yet.

We are so blessed to have this space, room to grow, places to play, space to breathe. God is a great God. He will open doors you never knew were there, or that you needed. He is such an amazing God and I truly never get tired of expressing that.

He has put some wonderful people into our lives and the intertwining of how it all happened, is solely God Given.  Every day I am blessed to be living this life. No, it’s not a perfect one. It’s had tons of ups and downs, but with God is how I handle it.

And now to some adoption update news!  🙂  We recently had a meeting with a social worker and it went very well. We indicated our desire to adopt a ‘certain someone’ and the social worker was very interested in helping us with that. We have to go through the process and become certified, do the home study. During the meeting, we also talked about fostering as well. God Given. That was nothing we had really considered. Losing our son was very hard, and we really didn’t like the idea of taking in a child and then them going home to their parents. We thought the heartache would be too much. That is God Given too because He has blessed us with the space, but more than that he has opened our hearts to fostering. We can now see the benefit of being able to love and support a child through a time in their lives, and be part of the reunification process. Whatever happens,  whatever path God brings us down, we are staying open to His plan and not our own.

We are truly excited about the journey and to see where it leads us. We are stepping out in Faith and taking each footstep forward as it comes. Please continue to pray for us and we will update again soon!

For now, here’s the room we have set up and some motivation too! ❤


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