Well it seems after running all around and getting all our paperwork in and on time… that time just wasn’t our friend. The MAPP class is full and we are invited to wait until what was July / August but now has been scheduled for late August / Early September instead.

We have 2 other options currently. One is a non profit and the other is through the County. The County orientation session is May 17th, you have to go to these, even if you already went to one through another organization.  We have signed up for that one and will see what happens.

It’s so hard when you visualize the end result… you just need to be patient along the path. When we decided to adopt, we looked online at some of the children available for adoption, that are in foster care.  The next night, I asked my husband if anyone felt strongly on his heart and he said yes, the same person that was strongly on my heart.

So many things happen in a day and I see her face. I know her needs are great but I feel in my heart that she belongs in our family. I feel when God puts something and someone so strong on your heart, it is God Given. I am praying for patience during this time.

I know who you are little angel. I know where you are. We are trying to get to you… I know it’s been a long journey for you too… just a little longer.


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