Adoption Orientation Session Day!


We drove into the city and after Finally finding parking, we made it into the orientation session with minutes to spare!

It was very informative and fast moving. We learned some really good information:

  • no application / registration fee!
  • no charge for MAPP (Model Approach to Partnership in Parenting)
  • no charge for the home study!
  • $8,000-9,000 for placement
  • $1500 for legal fees
  • The total cost for adoption should be pretty close to those estimates unless there are travel expenses involved

In the class went through a power point presentation and then each couple was handed a packet of information to take with them.

The next MAPP class starts on May 3rd and runs for 10 weeks. IF WE CAN GET THE APPLICATION all filled out and returned by next Monday (and I’m writing this on Tuesday!), then we may be able to get into that May 3rd start of the MAPP class, otherwise we will have to wait until July / August.

The application packet is pretty basic things you’d expect but they do ask for your address history for the PAST 28 YEARS! Our friends adopted so we did already know some of this, which was a HUGE help! (Shout out to Kristen and David C.!)

If you ever find yourself in such a situation looking for past addresses, you can use a combination of your TransUnion credit report and online phone book searches, that worked for us and we could piece together the gaps!

As I write this, the application is now completed. We need to have a few forms notarized at the bank tomorrow, apply for our criminal background checks with the local police department, and get it all back into the office by Monday.

We will also need to go get a physical from our doctor, a TB test, and then the doctor will have to fill out a form. To expedite things, We were told that we could give it to them later on because they know it takes time to have the appointment done.

The home study process will start once we begin the MAPP training. A social worker will come out twice during the time of the 10 week MAPP training, and once after.

She told us that at the 3rd visit, we will see a draft copy of the home study before signing off on it.

Everything is moving slow and fast all at the same time, mostly fast! We’ve moved into a bigger place, as of last week and the baby’s room is awaiting whatever God has planned for us! 🙂

We are so excited to be taking this next step life journey and so happy for every one of you along the way… whether you donate, pray, share, or just follow along… we are so thankful for each of you!

Will update again once the application is sent in, and when we hear back!

David and Cheryl


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