What God has put on your heart…

You ever listen to the inner promptings? God speaks! I have learned to listen to those inner promptings. To really open my eyes and see the people and places God has put in my path.

It’s led me to meet some really great people and helped me through some turbulent ups and downs in this thing called life.

One of the biggest losses for me was the loss of my son. 29 days old. 29 days in NICU. 29 Days where I never got to hold him like most mom’s get to hold their son. 29 days of tubes and machines. His name was Dallas Levi and he lived a bigger life in 29 days than anyone ever expected, without saying a word.

He was the smallest baby but the biggest fighter. He ultimately went to live with the Lord but he taught me true love, humility, and brought me back to the Faith I had been losing in years past.

God used him as a vessel and a sweet spirit, my boy will never be forgotten.

I have listened to God in those 29 days and learned to listen and see what he has put in front of me.

I did try to conceive again and twice miscarried. During the past 7 years, many people in our paths have pointed us in the direction of adoption. God given people, I am confident.

We are finally at a point where God has really let us know and it is imprinted in our hearts.

Follow us along on our Adoption Journey. We are on the road to adopting a special needs child, maybe two, but for now we’ll see what God has planned.

We are fundraising a long the way to cover the expenses of the adoption. Please pray for our journey, donate if it’s laid on your heart to do so.

Thanks for coming to our page. Have a blessed day.

Cheryl and David


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