What God has put on your heart…

You ever listen to the inner promptings? God speaks! I have learned to listen to those inner promptings. To really open my eyes and see the people and places God has put in my path. It's led me to meet some really great people and helped me through some turbulent ups and downs in this … Continue reading What God has put on your heart…


Heart Hurts / MAPP GPS Week 6

I guess it's been a few weeks since I updated. After week 5, we had a class cancelled and then week 6 was held last Tuesday. Tonight we had class too but that was also cancelled so it looks like the process will be extended a bit. Week 6 we learned about Birth Family Connections … Continue reading Heart Hurts / MAPP GPS Week 6

Possible Drug Overdose / MAPP GPS Week 5

  We had our MAPP Week 5 meeting last night. We had to go in a half hour early to meet with one of the workers. They had some additional questions for David and also for both of us, regarding our church. The questions for David were easy and basic, the question about our church … Continue reading Possible Drug Overdose / MAPP GPS Week 5

God and Denny’s Restaurant (A God Given story)

It's not an adoption update but it does relate to the story. I'm not always good about putting things into perspective, but my husband is great at it. We drove to our doctor's office this morning so he could get his PPD (Tuberculosis) test, a step we need to talk during the adoption journey. He … Continue reading God and Denny’s Restaurant (A God Given story)

MAPP / GPS Training Week 3

I'm a little late in updating from this past Tuesday's Class. It's been pretty busy around here checking things off on that adoption / foster training checklist! The class was about being a "loss expert". I have to admit, when we left class last week and they told us what the topic would be, I … Continue reading MAPP / GPS Training Week 3

MAPP / GPS Training Week 2

So last night we had our week 2 training class, 3 hours. This time was a bit more interactive. We did this 'sculpting' activity. We were each assigned a role, I was Lillie, a teenager. David was Rosie, my 2 year old sister. It was interesting. It told the story of how a seemingly regular … Continue reading MAPP / GPS Training Week 2

MAPP / GPS II Training, Week 1

We had our first MAPP class last night!  MAPP stands for Model Approach to Partnership in Parenting and GPS stands for Group Preparation and Selection Process. This was the 1st week of 10 weeks, 3 hours per night. It's a pretty small group consisting of 3 couples (including us), a single, and the social workers … Continue reading MAPP / GPS II Training, Week 1

One Step Closer

We got a letter in the mail last week from the social worker we met with at the beginning of May. We are scheduled to start the MAPP/GPS (Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting/Group Preparation & Selection) training the second week of JUNE!  We should have that completed August 16th. We are ONE STEP CLOSER to … Continue reading One Step Closer

God Given

I hope you don't mind if I take a break from being completely specific about the adoption journey and branch out a little 🙂 I've been using the term "God Given" for a while now. It's something I use when it is just that, God Given, no other way to explain. One thing is that … Continue reading God Given